Jane on horse, Kenya


Jane Braun, Owner & Travel Advisor

My passion for travel took root at a young age, when my parents owned an inn in Vermont, hosting travelers from around the world.   I was as captivated by stories of their homeland and travels as they were about mine.   Later, this passion deepened when I moved to a village outside of London with my husband and two young daughters.

Some of my favorite experiences while living abroad were cycling through the English countryside, cruising up the Nile and gazing at the Dolomites through the window of a train.

From these experiences, I came to see that travel isn’t just about a place, it’s also about people and finding ways to connect with them.   To me and my family, this combination is the ‘secret sauce’ to an exceptional travel experience.

My passion for travel, love of learning and entrepreneurial spirit, combined with my 20+ years of business experience, led me to pursue my dream. I turned that dream into reality when I launched Saddle Hill Travel and never looked back.

Linda Parke, Marketing Lead & Assistant Travel Advisor

I have a passion for talking with people, hearing and sharing their stories and I am so excited to delve into the travel industry.  After working in a variety of marketing, editorial and communication roles on the agency, corporate and freelance side, one thing is very clear, precise communication is vital to any industry’s success.  My professional background, combined with my love for the outdoors, sense of adventure and my family’s never-ending energy, make this next step in my career seem almost too good to be true.

Now, I have this amazing opportunity to work alongside my sister-in-law, Jane, and help market incredible destinations around the world by providing unique, thoughtful and well-documented itineraries that require impeccable communication!  Our goal at Saddle Hill Travel is to ensure that our travelers experience each and every location perfectly.  I’ve made the jump.  I’m hooked and can’t wait to see where this journey takes me!

Linda, California


Saddle Hill Travel

Jane & Linda, Brownell Academy

Jane & Linda, Brownell Academy

At Saddle Hill Travel, we’re all about creating truly extraordinary travel experiences.  We do this by understanding our clients on a personal level and crafting unique experiences based on their vision of what that is.  Our affiliation with Brownell Travel, a Virtuoso® Agency, gives us added breath and depth of travel knowledge and expertise as well as access to thousands of supplier relationships with top travel companies around the world.  For our clients, this translates into one of a kind travel experiences and better value, whether it’s in the form of savings, VIP handling, upgrades or amenities –things they could not possibly get on their own.  Our commitment to client service – before, during and after travel – goes hand in hand with our mission: to create truly extraordinary experiences for our clients.

Brownell and Virtuoso

Saddle Hill Travel is an Independent Affiliate of Brownell Travel, the oldest luxury travel organization in the United States and Virtuoso® member. Virtuoso® is a by invitation only network of elite agencies with supplier relationships and personal connections at the best hotels, resorts, tour and cruise operators in the world. This affiliation allow us to offer our clients extra amenities, upgrades when available and  VIP status. As an Affiliate of Brownell Travel, we are proud of our preferred partner relationships with top travel companies, including (and not limited to):  Ritz – Carlton STARS, Four Seasons Preferred Partner, Rosewood Elite, Dorchester Diamond Club, Mandarin Oriental FAN Club, Hyatt Privé, Belmond Bellini Club,  Marriott Luminous and STARS, Relais & Chateaux Preferred Partner, Waldorf Astoria & Conrad Hotels Impresario Program, Abercrombie & Kent 100 Club, Lindblad LEXleader, Cunard Inner Circle, Regent Seven Seas, Silver Sea, Seabourn Pinnacle Society and Windstar Cruises Club 180.  It’s through these affiliations and relationships, that we’re able to delight our clients with amenities, special experiences and value they could not access on their own.