Straight from the horse’s mouth.

For some travelers, just going out for a lovely dinner will satisfy their urge for something a little special during their vacation.  For our Saddle Hill Travelers, we know the urge is a bit different.  It is a passion to find something EXTRA ordinary!  It is securing that dinner reservations at an exclusive restaurant or having a unique culinary experience with one of the world’s finest chefs.  It is finding those hidden gems amidst a busy city or countryside where you can interact with the locals to understand their culture and the significance of their most well-loved foods.   Perhaps it is even the pursuit of finding the finest, freshest local produce to create your own extraordinary dish in your destination of choice.

No matter the reason, here are some plans to appease your appetite for an extraordinary epicurean adventure:

  • Customized Culinary Itineraries – Love chocolate, pasta, maybe a good local brew, tapas, pan-seared seafood, fine wine or even coffee? If so, we can find you a gem!  Nothing beats a real focused experience on whatever your favorites are.  Explore local cafes, chocolateirs, breweries, wineries and more.  Talk with those that are creating these specialties to get an understanding of how it fits in their culture and walk away with a true appreciation for what makes their cuisines so special.
  • Epicurean Adventures – Take to the streets and embrace the local culture privately or with others who share your passion.  There is no better way to really feel like you are “one with the locals” than by sharing in the food and drink that they love each and every day.  These experiences bring you to the area’s favorite eating places to ensure you walk away with a true taste and love for not only their food, but their culture and city as well.
  • Personalized Top Chef Experiences – Step into the grandiose master kitchen of a renowned chef or perhaps you prefer a smaller-scale visit to a local’s home? No matter your preference, when engaged in these hands-on experiences you are sure to taste, see and learn from those who know the finest foods and drink that best represent their culture.
  • Sip, Dine & Enjoy – Find your seat, sit down and enjoy a delicious meal as friends and family! It is often said that the best conversations happen at the dinner table.  This, in fact, is a global truth.  Make time on your travel experience to engage in the conversations that allow you to really get to know the history, culture, likes and dislikes of your destination.
  • Brilliantly Bright Local Markets – As part of your exquisite culinary experiences, take it one step further and shop for the freshest ingredients on your menu!  Go on a shopping spree for your favorite food, wine, cheese, delicacies, desserts and the like at some of the most incredible, freshest markets in the world!

Your mind is probably churning now with all kinds of great ideas.  Maybe your stomach is even growling a little or your taste buds awakening.  No matter your preferences for enjoying food, wine, and dessert, we are sure to have your menu.  In fact, that’s why we’re here!  We specialize in knowing our Saddle Hill Travelers!  The best part of being a travel advisor is designing an itinerary that works for you. We want to make sure that all of your Extraordinary Epicurean needs are satisfied on your next travel experience.  Now, let’s discover exactly what they are!

Photo credits: @janebraun (Saddle Hill Travel)