Traveling in our post-pandemic world:

A Saddle Hill Traveler’s perspective Should we go? Should we not go?What will the airports be like?Will tourist sites and restaurants be open?Where and how will we get tested to re-enter the US? So many thoughts are playing around in our heads as we all re-enter the world of travel post-pandemic. Truly, with a little preparation, there may be no better time than now than to hit the skies ... Read the Post

Traveling during Covid: What to know before you go

Editor's Note — While we do our best to keep this information up-to-date, the US State Department advises that travelers consult country-specific travel advisories via their website or consult the CDC's latest guidance. Before you make any international travel plans, check these sites first and again before you depart. Prepare for your trip by: Making sure your passport is ... Read the Post

Footnotes from Cabo

¡Hola!  I’ve just returned from an incredible 5 days in Cabo where I experienced three resorts – Montage, Four Seasons Los Cabos and Las Ventanas – and did site visits of three others:  Esperenza, Chileno Bay, and One&Only Pamilla.   Rather than give you all the facts you could find on-line, I’m sharing my impressions and takeaways of each property.  There are so many wonderful options in Cabo ... Read the Post